Digital Health Roundtable on „Data Access & Data Linkage“

ELNET-Germany presents the first GIHF-AI (German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence) Roundtable on Technology and Security with the topic: "Data Access and Data Linkage: More data, better data, more connected data – but how?" in the context of German-Israeli collaboration in Digital Health. Among the speakers are Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, Director of Digital […]

DMEA GINSUM Startup Booth

Mit jährlich rund 11.000 Fachbesuchern und 600 Ausstellern aus 27 Ländern ist die DMEA Europas führende Veranstaltung für die Digitalisierung des Gesundheitswesens. In einem Programm mit verschiedenen Modulen aus Kongress, Training und Networking werden aktuelle Entwicklungen und Produkte vorgestellt sowie Möglichkeiten zur Weiterbildung und Vernetzung geboten. Im GINSUM Startup Booth begrüßen wir drei hochkarätige Startups aus […]

DMEA Roundtable: A German-Israeli dialogue about Digital Health & AI

DMEA: Stage A, Hall 6.2 Messedamm 22, Berlin

Israel’s efficient and modern healthcare system attracted international attention at the latest during the corona pandemic, which earned the young Mid¬dle Eastern state with a population of around 9 mil¬lion the titles "vaccination world champion". This was helped in particular by the country's high¬ly digitized healthcare system and the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

DMEA Israeli Startup Pitches presented by ELNET

The exchange with Israeli startups from the context of digital health offers enormous potential – also for German companies and organizations. 700 innovative companies in Israel are active in the field of digital health, 700 companies engage with Medical Devices and products, and 300 companies are involved in with pharmaceuticals. The most dominant subsectors who […]