ELNET with GIHF-AI and GINSUM @ DMEA 2023 (25.-27.04.2023)

Messe Berlin

As part of the German Israeli Network of Startups and Mittelstand (GINSUM), ELNET brings innovative startups from the Israeli digital health ecosystem to the Digital Health Fair DMEA in Berlin: Cognishine, Indolex andLeema. ELNET will also be present at the German Trade and Invest (GTAI) panel on 26/04/2023, 5-6pm. Program: 25.-27.04. GINSUM Startup Booth in […]

SAVE THE DATE: GIHF-AI Digital Health Roundtable “Regulation”

GIHF-AI presents the Digital Health Roundtable on "Regulation" in 2023. Preliminary Agenda: Keynote 1: Use Case from Israel Keynote 2: Use Case from Germany Workshop: Tackling questions interactively with regards to the regulation of health data use in Germany and Israel Moderation: Carsten Ovens, Executive Director, ELNET-Germany

SAVE THE DATE: GIHF-AI Conference 2023

Essen, Germany

The GIHF-AI Conference 2023 will sum up the second year of the German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence, including its roundtables and publications. Furthermore, it will bring together the Ministries of Health from both countries, GIHF-AI Board members, speakers and panelists, and high-ranking experts from the field of Digital Health. The Conference is part […]