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Digitization and innovation in healthcare: An inventory

The new publication by GIHF-AI examines the health ecosystems of Germany and Israel in relation to digitization and the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

At the latest during the corona pandemic, which earned the young Middle East state with around 9 million inhabitants the titles “vaccination world champion”, “laboratory of the world” or “corona model”, Israel’s efficient and modern healthcare system attracted international attention. The country was helped in particular by its highly digitized healthcare system and the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical context.

With more than 70 percent in the Bertelsmann Digital Health Index, which is considered a reliable measure of the degree of digitization in the healthcare sector, Israel ranks fourth internationally. In comparison: Germany is in second last place of 17 countries analyzed and therefore has an urgent need to catch up in the field of digital health.

A close exchange with Israel, where the digitization of the healthcare system began more than 25 years ago and whose healthcare industry is now one of the leading beneficiaries of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has enormous potential. In order to understand what such cooperation can look like, it is essential to take a close look at the emergence and development of the health ecosystems in Germany and Israel.