GIHF-AI Study 2.0: Applications and framework conditions of AI in medicine

After GIHF-AI published its first study on the willingness to share health data for research and care management in Germany and Israel in January 2023, this publication by Dr. Alexander Schachinger, Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, Prof. Dr. Ran Balicer, and Lea Ledwon, investigates the status quo of leading AI-based solutions in Europe and Israel.

In global business news, the technological innovation “artificial intelligence” (AI) is already being described as one of the most significant achievements since the invention of the steam engine. What specific and foreseeable approaches are emerging for digital solutions for citizens and patients? The number of scientific publications on the subject of AI has been growing exponentially in recent years. First AI-based applications in the health context for citizens are finding their way into healthcare at different speeds in a growing number of countries. Nevertheless, AI in medicine is still in the phase of testing, evaluation, regulation, and approval. Against this background, the German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence (GIHF-AI) publishes this AI digital health mapping, a compact overview of functional application areas of AI within citizenand patient-centered solutions, and provides an exemplary overview of the numerous challenges still present in evaluation and integration.