Report GIHF-AI Roundtable: Implementing FHIR in Healthcare

This report is a summary of the recommendations for action developed during the Digital Health Roundtable (14.03.2023) on “Implementing FHIR in Healthcare” by GIHF-AI, the innovation project in the field of Digital Health of ELNET-Germany.

In their keynotes, Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, Director of the Core Unit eHealth and Interoperability (CEI) at Charité, and Dr. Uri Lerner (PhD), Project Manager at Maccabi Healthcare Services (MHS), presented the status quo and concrete use cases for FHIR implementation in Germany and Israel. The subsequent workshop, led by both keynote speakers, gave participants the opportunity to ask questions, develop opportunities for cooperation, and develop policy recommendations for action.

The report complements the March 9, 2023 GIHF-AI Policy Briefing, “With FHIR to more use of artificial intelligence in medicine”, which was published in preparation for the Roundtable and provides background information on the use cases presented.

Here you can access the recording of the roundtable from 19.10.2022

The report was handed over to the representatives of the health ministries of Germany and Israel.