GIHF-AI Digital Health Roundtable Regulation

Report GIHF-AI Roundtable: Health Data Policies in Israel and Germany

This report is a summary of the recommendations for action developed during the Digital Health Roundtable (14.06.2023) on “Health Data Policies in Israel and Germany’s Digitalisation Strategy for Health and Care – Shaping the Future of Healthcare” by GIHF-AI, the innovation project in the field of Digital Health of ELNET-Germany.

In their keynotes, Yoel Ben-Or, Head of Policy for Digital Health from the Israel Ministry of Health (MOHI), and Marejke Talea Tammen, Senior Policy Advisor from the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), presented the latest developments concerning health data use policies and digitalization strategies in Israel and Germany. The subsequent workshop was led by the keynote speakers as well as Tamar Tavory, Senior Counsel at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, and Prof. Dr. Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor, Chair of International Health and Medical Law and Data Protection Law at the University of Heidelberg. On this occasion, participants discussed, developed ideas for the regulatory process in both countries, and jointly worked on recommendations for action.

The report complements the June 13, 2023 GIHF-AI Policy Briefing “New digitalisation strategy in Germany and current draft law in Israel” which was published in preparation for the roundtable and includes background information on the policymaking process presented. In it, she analyzes the current legal situation in Israel regarding the use of health data.

Here you can access the recording of the roundtable from 14.06.2023

The report was handed over to the representatives of the health ministries of Germany and Israel.