Report GIHF-AI Conference 2023: Health data use in Europe and Israel

This report is a summary of the second GIHF-AI Conference, taking place on September 5-6 in Essen, where ELNET partnered with the Big Bang Health Festival (BBH)The GIHF-AI Conference 2023 further strengthened relations between German and Israeli digital health experts, adding perspectives from France and the EU to the discussion. 

Israel is known as one of the most advanced countries regarding the application of AI in healthcare, with a broad variety of digital health startups. The country possesses electronic patient records of 99 percent of the population, resulting from the digitalizing process which began in the 1990s, whereas Germany is only now paving the way for a similar EMR system, the ePA (electronic patient record). Yet, similar regulatory questions and the great interest to cooperate in the field of digital health lead to an ever-growing understanding of the benefits of bilateral cooperation in digital health.

Three of the key takeaways of the conference are that broad communication is key to gaining trust and cooperation of societies with regard to sharing health data. Secondly, the majority of people in Germany and Israel are willing to share their health data – regulators should keep this in mind. Thirdly, there needs to be a shift from data protection to safe data usage

The report is a summary of the recommendations for action derived from the breakout sessions and panel discussions of the GIHF-AI conference. They aim to create a more transparent, efficient, and standardized healthcare data ecosystem, leveraging AI and data quality standards while simplifying processes for the benefit of both healthcare providers and patients.